St. Regis Culvert
Your Partner in Storm Water Management Projects

St. Regis Culvert, manufacturer of high quality corrugated steel pipe, produces many profiles and diameters to provide economical site solutions for storm sewer and culverts.  Proudly serving many of the Midwest States including: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio, St. Regis Culvert is dedicated to personal service and on time delivery.

Drainage & Erosion Control
Products Manufacturer – Problem Solver

We manufacture a wide variety of construction products to solve real world challenges our customers face. Consider this a resource for:

  • Engineering Firms – challenged to calculate flow characteristics of different drainage pipes, and achieve on-time, on-budget turn-key product solutions
  • Distributors – challenged to answer engineering questions for contractors, keeping the right inventory, and providing cost-effective products
  • Contractors – challenged with winning more bids, keeping delivery schedules and avoiding job downtime
  • Government agencies – challenged with project management of aging infrastructures, making difficult upgrade decisions while minimizing disruption
  • Individuals – challenged with finding the right product, installation information, and permitting guidelines


When you work with St. Regis, we bring the products and resources to extend your team’s expertise. Project consulting. Flow calculation coefficients. Turn-key drainage product solutions. Current published standards. Thousands of products in-stock. Custom products manufactured quickly. Distributor discounts. Same day quotes. On time deliveries. Value engineering. Local government contact guide. Installation guides. Years of application expertise.

St. Regis is Your Full-Service Water Management Partner

St. Regis is Your Full-Service Product Supplier