St. Regis Product Applications

Slotted Drain Pipe and ElbowSt. Regis Culvert carefully considers the project specifications and requirements when providing materials or making recommendations for alternatives for drainage, detention and related systems. Some of the most common applications for our products are presented here. If you don’t see a specific application here, chances are we’ve done it– contact us to discuss the job and find the right material for your project.

 Drainage Systems

Our core expertise in drainage systems is in culverts. Culverts typically convey streams or small flows of water under embankments that are usually topped by roadway surfaces.

St. Regis Culvert representative can help you select and price the most appropriate products for your job.

 Storm Drain

We’re receiving great feedback from engineers in the field about our Max Flow in storm drain applications. Hydraulically efficient, lightweight and easy to install, our Max Flow is full of features that make installation easier. Long laying lengths, round and arched diameters and soil tight bands also contribute to the effectiveness of our Max Flow in storm drain jobs, and rehabilitation projects.

 Detention / Retention Systems

Detention StructureCSP systems provide cost-effective solutions to storm water management requirements. Subsurface practices such as detention and retention provide a method to meet storm water objectives and permit efficient use of the site. Underground systems eliminate the hazards, risks and poor aesthetics of above-ground ponds.  CSP detention systems have been used predominantly to temporarily store runoff and release it at a predetermined rate. CSP is installed underground, often beneath parking lots, allowing above-ground use of the site, the use of this land for other purposes results in substantial cost savings.

 Small Bridge Replacement

Super Cor Black River MIBridge engineers and managers are faced with the task of replacing or rehabilitating hundreds of thousands of bridges across the country, most of them in rural areas with little funding available. One of the most economical choices for bridge replacement is corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and structural plate pipe systems. CSP and structural plate pipe systems have the advantage of the great strength of steel and the durability of coatings to provide the most efficient product.  CSP structures are available in a variety of coatings meeting nearly any service life requirement up to 100+ years. Galvanized, aluminized and polymer-coated CSP are just a few of the coating options. Structural plate systems have a durable 3-ounce zinc coating and are often placed with natural streambeds.

A variety of corrugation profiles can provide extreme fill heights, low minimum cover and spans over 50 feet.  Compared to typical bridge structures, CSP systems require significantly less maintenance. While periodic inspection may be required, there are no expensive bridge decks or bridge approaches to maintain.

Habitat protection and environmental enhancements are major benefits of using long span structures. Habitats are preserved by spanning the riparian zones and preserving or creating a natural streambed. Simply burying the invert can also provide an effective and economical biological enhancement. Additionally, fish passage enhancements can be incorporated in the structure.

Low Cost and Speed of Installation

CSP generally provides the lowest installed cost compared to other options, often less than half the cost of a typical bridge. This benefit is increased when you consider the fast installation times. Structures are installed in days and often without disruption.

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Your St. Regis Culvert representative is a resource:  he or she can present you with information about recent projects as well as help you select and price the most appropriate products for your job. To get started Contact Us.

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