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Website_CSPOur corrugated steel pipe (CSP) is available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and coatings. All of our products are manufactured to the latest LRFD AASHTO and ASTM specifications. These products are used extensively in flood control, drainage, and storm water systems because steel is reliable, traceable, sustainable, and strong.

  • Pipe sizes 6” diameter through 144” diameter
  • Round or Arch shapes
  • Range of wall thickness and coatings available
  • Variety of corrugations to meet H20 and E80 live loads
  • Smooth interior pipe available
  • Max Flow and Dura Flow pipe
  • Standard length is 20-feet, though many other lengths are available.

CSP Standard Sizes, End Areas, and Handling Weights

Corrugated Steel Pipe Height of Cover Limits 

CSP Installation Guide

Specifications, Standards & Submittals

CSP Report on Comparitive Storm Sewer Pipe Sizes


CSP – Slotted Drain Pipe

Slotted drain can be used to effectively remove surface runoff in curb and gutter applications or to intercept runoff in relatively flat areas. Our pipe is manufactured from galvanized or aluminized type II steel and is available in 12” to 48” inch diameters. Slotted drain materials are commonly used for airport, freeway, and parking lot construction.

Slotted Drain Detail 1

Slotted Drain Detail 2

CSP – Max Flow / Spiral Rib Pipe

Max Flow is available in both Galvanized and Aluminized Type II, this useful product was developed in response to our clients’ needs for a pipe product with the hydraulics of smooth-wall pipe and the exceptional value of corrugated metal pipe.

CSP – Dura Flow

Dura-FlowTM pipe, a smooth interior corrugated steel pipe, combines a standard corrugated exterior shell with a hydraulically smooth liner. The liner is continuously attached to the exterior shell along the lock seam.

CSP – Protective Coatings

CSP Protective Coatings include:

Structural Plate

Structural_PlateWhen your project requires pipe sizes and shapes that exceed the capabilities of lock seam corrugated steel pipe, St. Regis answers the call with Structural Plate, also called  Multi Plate. The 6″ x 2″ corrugations in combination with increased steel thickness provide a strong durable structure. In addition to round and pipe arch shapes, structural plate is available in horizontal ellipse, underpass and box culvert shapes.

Structural Plates have many benefits compared to their alternatives, they are:

  • Lightweight – compare to other types of structures of similar size, such as concrete bridges.
  • Strong – the 6″ x 2″ corrugation is significantly stronger than other corrugations of the same thickness.
  • Easily Installed – light equipment, simple tool and local labor forces can easily complete the assembly.
  • Made to Last – our structural plate is protected by a 3-ounce zinc coating, which gives the structure a long life with 50 % more zinc than regular corrugated steel pipe.
  • Conveniently Delivered – plates are shipped in compact nested bundles, minimizing handling and freight costs.

Structural Plate Brochure Segment 1

Structural Plate Brochure Segment 2

Structural Plate Brochure Segment 3



Top 3 Photos: 126” Diameter Caissons for River Point, Chicago, IL

Bottom 3 Photos: Wrigley Field Caissons for Case Foundation

Super COR

St. Regis Culverts’ Super Cor is a revolutionary alternative to conventional corrugated steel plate, utilizing a 15″ x 5-1/2″ corrugation profile to generate superior strength and durability.

These design advancements have made it possible to provide a corrugated steel product that can span distances in excess of 75 ft. and provide an economical and dependable bridge structure. Super Cor is available in round, arch or box culvert shapes with and without inverts.

Super Cor Case Study

Invert Options

Headwall Detail

Footing Detail

Dura Span Aluminum Box Culverts


CSP – Accessories

St. Regis Culvert produces a complete selection of accessories for every conceivable project. Among our most common applications are fittings; elbows, Ts and Ys and end sections. Fittings facilitate field connections and minimize flow disruption where lines merge or changes in flow direction occur.

CSP Fittings

Anti Seep Collar

Steel Drop Spillway


Metal End Sections

Metal End SectionRound or arched in a variety of sizes, slopes and materials, end sections are available for steel, plastic and concrete pipe. Easy to install and maintain, these end sections can be salvaged if the pipe must be moved or replaced. Trash guards are also available.

All St. Regis Culvert product materials are certified and meet standards set by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Our materials also meet criteria of the Buy American Act.

Metal End Section (MES) Submittal

Metal End Section (MES) Arch Submittal

End Section Connection Detail

Safety Slope End Sections

Provides solutions to safety challenges, these end sections offer traversable parallel or cross-drain bars and a variety of slopes to meet requirements for the safer flattened roadside embankments, while increasing hydraulic efficiency.

SSES Submittal

Smooth Tapered Sleeve

Smooth tapered sleeves can be used to connect concrete and plastic pipe to a metal end section. One end of the sleeve wedges snugly into the pipe, and the other attaches to the end section using connectors. The sleeve ensures a consistent flow-line connection.

Smooth Tapered Sleeve Detail

CSP Pipe Option Photos