St. Regis Culvert – Innovations in Drainage Products for Challenging Situations

If you face drainage challenges and want a more economical solution, St. Regis Culvert can help.

Max Flow Pipe

Polymer Max FlowSt. Regis Max Flow combines the advantages of lightweight steel with the hydraulic capacity of concrete pipe to provide an economical, durable storm sewer system that moves water efficiently.

Max Flow pipe has nearly three decades of proven performance on municipal, transportation, airport, shopping center and residential development storm sewer projects.  Its rapid acceptance is based on its Manning’s “n” of 0.012, it’s structural integrity and fast and cost-effective installation.  

The benefits of spiral rib pipe include:

  • Exterior box corrugations permit hydraulic flow equivalent to smooth wall pipe
  • Corrugations provide structural properties needed to manage highway, rail and airport loadings
  • Hydraulically efficient prefabricated fittings
  • Light weight construction
  • Long lengths
  • Easy installation
  • Allows engineers to specify alternate products without having to perform more than one hydraulic design
  • Can be used to reline failing culverts.

A smooth interior provides the flow characteristics of concrete pipe while specially designed exterior box ribs assure the structural strength to produce one of the most efficient and economical storm sewer products available today.  Because steel spiral rib pipe weighs as little as 1/12th the weight of concrete pipe, handling requirements and installation costs are reduced substantially.

With a smaller outside diameter than thick-walled concrete pipe, St. Regis Max Flow allows a reduction in trench widths and depths to effect additional savings in both excavation and backfilling. Hydraulically equivalent and more economical to install than concrete pipe, St. Regis Max Flow is the ideal solution for owners and engineers seeking to specify alternate pipe products with the same hydraulic design.

Max Flow Brochure