Smart Ditch

image008St. Regis Culvert’s SmartDitch channel/lining system is a reliable, easy to install, high performance way to manage water conveyance available in trapezoidal and semicircular configurations. SmartDitch is durable, corrosion resistant and unaffected by acidic or alkaline soils and chemicals. SmartDitch offers many advantages over traditional water conveyance products.

Product Benefits include:

  • Hydraulic characteristics constant over time
  • 0.022 Manning’s “n” coefficient
  • Reduces runoff velocities
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Withstands corrosion and chemical attacks
  • Reduces maintenance costs
 SmartDitch can be utilized in the following applications:
  • Drainage applications
  • Erosion/ sediment control
  • Land development applications
  • Irrigation/ agriculture
  • Miscellaneous applications: industrial site containment systems, landfill drainage systems, temporary flow diversions.

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Smart Ditch Pictorial Product Overview

Smart Ditch Installation Details

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