St Regis Culvert – Specialty Corrugated Steel Products

St. Regis Culvert offers many specialty products using our expertise in Corrugated Steel. Each of these are manufactured to St. Regis Culvert’s strict quality standards and kept in-stock for quick delivery.

Please contact us for more information and/or pricing for any of the Specialty Products shown below.  If you have an idea or need for a product made from Corrugated Steel that’s not shown, contact us and we’ll do our best to build what you have in mind.

Structural Foundations & Caissons


Construction engineers agree steel offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any pipe material for Structural Foundation & Caisson projects. Corrugated steel pipe is light weight, strong and easy to handle, resulting in faster installation and a lower overall construction cost.

Egress Window Wells

Window wells are a perfect application for corrugated steel – we can produce the size and diameter you need to fit virtually any egress window application;  the top edge can be rolled for safety and longevity.

Camp Fire Rings

IMG_0228St. Regis Camp Fire Rings have a rolled safety edge and are available in the following standard dimensions (diameter x height):

  • 24″ x 12″
  • 30″ x 12″
  • 36″ x 12″
  • 42″ x 12″
  • 48″ x 12″

Larger diameter or deeper fire rings can be manufactured to order.

Camp Fire Ring Flyer

Corrugated Plant Containers

Corrugated Plant Containers  

Guard Rail

St. Regis also offers standard W-Beam Guard Rail, end treatments and all necessary hardware.

Guardrail Drawings

Construction & Filter Fabrics

St. Regis Culvert has a wide variety of woven and non-woven construction fabrics available to meet your requirements. Whether it is stabilization, filtration or reinforcement, we have the products to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Typical Applications

Things You Should Know

Agricultural Vent pipes

Vent Tube 2 resized


Plastic pipe (HDPE)

St. Regis Culvert offers a variety of HDPE Plastic Pipe to fit a wide range of applications.  We offer single wall, double wall and perforated plastic pipe with attached sock.

Drainage Gates/Flap Gates

C-10 Canal

Steel Flap Gates Detail

Beaver Cone

We also produce a Beaver Cone that prevents beavers from plugging your culverts. It fits on existing culverts, it does not alter the streambed, is easy to install and maintain, sizes range from 12” to 84” diameters; depending on size, they can be installed with minimum equipment. The Beaver Cone is patented in the U.S. and Canada. The cone is fabricated of heavy duty steel and powder coated to last.

beaver coneBever Cone 2011

Beaver Cone Flyer

Rodent Guards

Rodent Guard Flyer

Gabion Baskets

Gabion Basket Flyer

Special Fabrication Option Photos